ترموستات 1219


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Product Introduction:
2.Control Range:-50~110 celsius
3.Control Precision:0.1 celsius
4.Measuring Input:NTC10K waterproof sensor L=0.5m
5.High Temperature Alarm:-49~110 celsius
6.Input Voltage:DC 12V
7.Output Type:relay output 10A (max)
8.Return Difference Setting:0.1~30 celsius
9.Delay Starting:0-10min
10.Temperature Calibration:-10~10 celsius

Function Introduction:
P0.Temperature Control Mode:when first use this product;if it is used to heating,please set H,if used to cooling,please set C
P1.Return Difference Setting:long press SET key entering into internal setting,choose P1 seting;then press SET key to achieve return difference value setting
P2:Temperature Calibration:this function is for temperature calibration.If detection temperature and actual temperature is different,then usrs can apply this function to calibrate
P3:Delay Start:this function is for compressor cooling
P4:Set High Temperature Alarm Value:when actual temperature is higher than this value,screen will flash and sound an alarm

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